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Walk on, with hope in your heart

Version 26 // Liverpool FC

Natalie Von Doom
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I Want To Believe

Nat. 25. From the Land Down Under. Liverpool FC. Tattoos. Heavy Metal Music. Xbox. Dork. Fangirl. LA Kings. Football. Likes to say Fuck, alot.

The Used. Marilyn Manson. Angels & Airwaves. Nightwish. Tarja. AFI. Metallica. Tegan & Sara. I Killed The Prom Queen. Parkway Drive. +44. Slipknot. The Spill Canvas. Brand New. New Found Glory. Sugarcult. Hans Zimmer. One Less Reason. Britney Spears. Mayday Parade. Bear McCreary. The Maine. Marianas Trench. Nine Lashes. The Rocket Summer. The Summer Set. I see Stars. The Gaslight Anthem. Pierce The Veil. Hanson. Skillet. Plump. Trapt. A Day To Remember.

Castle. Homeland. Major Crimes. Spartacus. Archer. Parks & Recreation. Game of Thrones. Red Vs Blue. New Girl. Go On. Political Animals. American Horror Story. Battlestar Galactica. In Plain Sight. Longmire. The Borgias. Sea Patrol. 24. Sons of Anarchy. Cougar Town. The X Files. 30 Rock. Scrubs. Dexter. Gilmore Girls. Standoff. Alias. Dead Like Me.

Castle/Beckett. Adama/Roslin. Mike/Kate. Buffer/X. Jack/Renee. Clay/Gemma. Mulder/Scully. Jack/Liz. Luke/Lorelai. Matt/Emily. Jack/Irina.

Matthew Reilly. Thomas Harris. Stephen King. Kathy Reichs.

Transformers. Halloween. Rocky. Lethal Weapon. Tango & Cash. The Mummy/The Mummy Returns. The Silence of The Lambs/Hannibal. Terminator. Constantine. Hitman. Rat Race. Garden State. Mr & Mrs Smith. Mamma Mia. The Addams Family. Tomb Raider. Daredevil. Rambo. Saw. Resident Evil.

Kiefer Sutherland. Sam Worthington. David Boreanaz. Bam Margera. The Rock. Mark Wahlberg. Justin Chambers. Jeremy Lindsey Taylor. David Anders. Jay Ryan. Gerard Way. Marilyn Manson.

Lena Olin. Mary McDonnell. Stana Katic. Katee Sackoff. Rachel Weisz. Julianne Moore. Gillian Anderson. Jennifer Garner.

Steven Gerrard. David Beckham. Luis Suarez. Luis Garcia. John Arne Riise. Sergio Ramos. David Villa. Landon Donovan. Kristian Sarkies.

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Fragile.Devious @ Myspace - Cause natushka was peer pressured into getting one.

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"We're not retreating, we're just advancing towards future victory"
You Must Believe...

Music is Life
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